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 Dave Yeeles

Dave Yeeles

Research student

I'm a PhD student with the Gravity Exploration Institute studying the gravitational waves produced when two black holes orbit and merge. We simulate this on fancy supercomputers and look at the signal these waves would produce in a detector.

Different research groups around the world use different codes to perform these simulations, so at the moment I'm working to quantify the agreement between them.  After all, if two groups using two codes simulate exactly the same black holes but get completely different gravitational wave signals then there's a bit of a problem.  If this difference turns out to be significant it could affect our confidence in detections as well as throw off the inferred properties of the black holes.

Research interests

  • Gravitational wave modelling
  • Numerical relativity


Gravitational Waves from Binary Black Holes – from Modelling to Observation

Stephen Fairhurst

Professor Stephen Fairhurst

Gravitational Physics Group

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