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 Jasmin Millar

Jasmin Millar

Research student, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

1.71, Main Building, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT
  • Extremophile microbiology and micro-ecology
  • Cryoconite geomicrobiology
  • How life survived the neoproterozoic “Snowball Earth”
  • Pre-cambrian life

Research interests

Research interests: I am interested in how life could have survived the Cryogenian “Snowball Earth” global glaciations of ~650 million years ago. Cryoconite holes, meltwater pockets in glaciers containing dust and microbes, present an exciting opportunity to understand life in ice. I will be creating analogues for Snowball Earth cryoconite ecosystems in the lab, using modern day cold-climate microorganisms that resemble early life and culturing them under Cryogenian conditions. From this I hope to gain insight into organisms and microbial processes that may have been important during this time.


Demonstrating work has included:

  • Glaciology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Biological environments
  • Data analysis


Were glacial surface ecosystems refuges for life on Snowball Earth?

Funding source


Dr Liz Bagshaw

Senior Lecturer

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