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 Roberto Loza Espejel

Roberto Loza Espejel

Research student, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

1.59, Main Building, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT


  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Carbonate sedimentology
  • Fractured reservoirs
  • Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Structural Geology
  • Petrophysics

Research interests

I am currently doing a PhD in the 3D Seismic Lab at Cardiff University. I undertake combined seismic and outcrop interpretation of carbonate platforms, using data from NW Australia, SE Spain and Equatorial Brazil.

My research is focused on understanding the structural controls on carbonate platform growth, fracture network distribution as well as structural and depositional traps.

In more detail, my PhD project addresses themes such as:

  • Fault growth styles and their impact on carbonate platform growth.
  • Compartmentalisation of fractured carbonate reservoirs from the seismic to the outcrop scale.
  • Main structural and depositional traps in carbonate platforms from the shallow to the deep sea realm.



  • Petroleum Geology and Basin Analysis
  • Geophysics
  • Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Mentor in a Geology MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).

Field trips

  • Structural Geology and Sedimentology field trip in South East Spain
  • Structural Geology field trip in North Spain
  • Exploration Geology and field skills in South England (Devon and Dorset)
  • Structural Geology and the Formation of the British Isles field trip in the Isle of Arran, Scotland
  • Research field expedition to Barry Island
  • Field skills in the Brecon Beacons


Structural and Sedimentological Controls on the Evolution of Carbonate Platforms on Equatorial Margins

Tom Blenkinsop

Professor Thomas Blenkinsop

Professor in Earth Science

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Areas of expertise