Arabic Language II (Women Only)

  • Level 4
  • 10 credits

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Start date 7 October 2017
Duration 24 weekly meetings
Days and times Saturdays from 18:30 to 20:30
Tutor Amina Shabaan
Course code ARA17A2006A
Fee £396.00
Concessionary fee £317.00 (find out about eligibility and funding options)

This course will enable you to use a broader, but still limited range of oral, aural and written skills in Arabic, sufficient for practical needs in simple everyday situations.

Students will also develop an understanding of the culture of Arabic-speaking countries.

The syllabus will cover:

  • the alphabets and their different forms in writing, long and short vowels, doubling, nunation, verbs in their different forms with different tenses and pronouns
  • rules of writing (Hamza)
  • adjectives, pronouns, interrogatives, prepositions, possessives, and reading and writing practice.

All the previous topics are further expanded and will include variations for greetings, your personal profile, family tree, numbers, days of a week, names of months, telling the time, colours, town features, road directions, asking about directions, parts of the body, cloths and costume, food, fruits and vegetables, hobbies and the names of objects.

Some topics are being covered though a listening procedure eg in the airport, in the hotel, in the restaurant, in your house

There is no set course text book. Materials are used in form of handouts. The tutor is a native speaker from Syria.

This course is for students who have some knowledge of Arabic, which may include having completed Arabic Language I who wish to further improve their language skills.

Learning and teaching

The emphasis of the course is on participation and students are encouraged to actively participate in class through various non-threatening forms of activities designed to stimulate communication.

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