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Funded research

Over the last three years, we have been awarded over £4M in new research grants and contracts.

Funding helps support our research ambitions and comes from a variety of sources. Our success with funding applications is a testament to our reputation for internationally competitive and high-impact research. Details of funded research obtained and active over the past five years can be found below.

Principal investigator at the SchoolFunderTitleStartEndAmount (£)
ActonJapan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)A microperimetric evaluation of age-related macular degeneration and polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy201520153,000
Acton, MargrainSight Cymru / Cardiff Council / Welsh Government (ICF)Does rehabilitation officer input improve quality of life in individuals with low vision?2014201638,481
ActonCollege of OptometristsThe application of spatial filtering to microperimetry in age-related macular degeneration201420142,000
ActonFight for SightEvaluation of the macular integrity assessment microperimeter2014201415,000
DunnCollege of OptometristsUnderstanding binocular vision in infantile nystagmus2014201519,573
Dunn, ErichsenNystagmus NetworkTemporal visual function in infantile nystagmus2014201514,552
Erichsen1Fight for SightUnderstanding the basis for oscillopsia in nystagmus to provide a basis for treatment2013201412,915
ErichsenNystagmus NetworkAutomating the analysis of infantile nystagmus waveforms201320131,500
EvansCooper VisionAn investigation of two different lid hygiene products on ocular comfort, tear film stability and ocular surace physiology201420142,000
Evans, PurslowSeed Co LtdTo evaluate SEED hydrogel contact lenses in patient groups, and compare to competitor brands2014201543,462
MargrainNational Institute for Health ResearchMultispectral imaging retinal densitometer20132016177,815
MargrainThe Guide Dogs for the Blind AssociationGuide dogs net mobility gain201320135,642
NorthWelsh Government (NISCHR)Prevalence of ocular pathologies in patients with diabetes mellitus and their impact upon vision2014201516,620
Prof K Meek (OPTOM)Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research CouncilDeveloping a novel hard contact lens based on biomimetic principle from the Ostracod carapace window201320146,000
Quantock2HEFCW, Welsh GovernmentSelective rho kinase inhibitors for the treatment of corneal endothelial disease2014201640,000
RedmondCollege of OptometristsFunctional mapping of biological changes in the retina in glaucoma2014201655,878
RedmondCollege of OptometristsIs this real improvement, or is this just fantasy? An investigation into visual recovery in glaucoma2013201627,494
RedmondCollege of OptometristsThe mint or the hole: Where do optometrists really look when assessing the optic disc?201320132,000
RedmondWellcome TrustIs the real vision loss or is this just fantasy? Functional mapping of biological changes in eye diseases201320131,440
VotrubaFight for SightFind the missing genes: Next generation sequencing to accelerate the pace of disease gene discovery in patients with inherited optic neuropathy2013201415,000
VotrubaEuropean Association for Vision and Eye Research FoundationBiomarkers in mitochondrial optic neuropathy2014201411,765
Votruba, Morgan, RozanowskaNational Eye Research CentreIdebenone in mitochondrial optic neuropathy2013201458,210
Votruba, RozanowskaFight for SightLight therapy for mitochondrial optic neuropathy2013201699,500

1 T Freeman (PSYCH)

2 D Blake (MEDIC)

Principal investigator at the SchoolFunderTitleStartEndAmount (£)
AlbonCollege of OptometristsThe use of 1050nm OCT to identify changes of optic nerve head pathophysiology in Glaucoma2011201453,866
Albon, Morgan, NorthFight for SightOptic nerve head changes in the progression of glaucomatous optic neuropathy using 1um OCT2011201115,000
Albon, NorthAmerican Health Assistance FoundationDisks at risk: Novel optic nerve head phenotyping in glaucoma2011201362,500
Binns, MargrainMacular Disease SocietyA systematic review of literature evaluation eccentric viewing and steady eye technique training2012201217,532
Boote, MeekFight for SightThe role of the sclera in human glaucoma20122014122,672
Dr T Margrain (OPTOM)Welsh Government (NISCHR)Ophthalmology scoping study2012201210,000
Erichsen1The Leverhulme TrustMagnetoreception in the homing pigeon: A novel approach20112015248,049
ErichsenWellcome TrustDeveloping an assay for magnetoreception in the homing pigeon (Columba livia)201220121,440
EvansCoopervision LtdEstablishing the impact of Hyabak protector eye drops on patient comfort and ocular surface during contact lens wear201220122,000
Evans, PurslowCoopervision LtdComparing the performance of professionally selected contact lens choices with cosmetic contact lenses from non-optical retailers201120112,000
Evans, PurslowLaboratoires Thea S.A.SEvaluate eyelid and ocular surface temperature in healthy volunteers wearing eye warming goggles (Blephasteam) and a flax seed filled warm compress (MGDRx EyeBag)201120111,500
Margrain, RyanThe Guide Dogs for the Blind AssociationDepression in visual impairment trial (DEPVIT)20112014206,636
Meek, Boote, Quantock, KnuppMedical Research CouncilThe ultrastructural basis of corneal dysfunction and the development and optimisation of novel therapeutic strategies201220171,754,774
Meek, PurslowBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research CouncilThe Ostracod carapace window as a biomimetic basis for development of a novel eye shield20122013112,093
NorthWelsh Government (NISCHR)Vision screening for stroke patients201220138,395
Purslow, EvansAlcon Eye Care UK LtdDesigning a simple, non-invasive device for the slit lamp to measure non-invasive tear film stability201120111,500
Purslow, EvansAlcon Eye Care UK LtdA double blind contralateral eye study to examine the ocular signs of friction after daily wear of Air Optix Aqua and 2 other lens types for two weeks201120111,500
QuantockWellcome TrustA new minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of corneal endothelial disease20122015583,806
ReginiGreat Britain Sasakawa FoundationUnderstanding the lenses of the eye and novel strategies to engineer artificial lenses for use after cataract extraction201220122,850
RyanNational Institute for Health ResearchThe effectiveness of portable electronic vision enhancement systems (EVES) in comparison to optical magnifiers for near vision activities in visual impairment - the p-EVES study201220142,162
WoodhouseCollege of OptometristsResearch scholarship2012201553,866
 College of OptometristsEffect of light on hypoxia and disease progression in age-related macular degeneration2012201530,002

1 T Meydan (ENGIN)

Principal investigator at the schoolFunderTitleStartEndAmount (£)
Binns, MargrainThe College of OptometristsPostgraduate Scholarship - Miss A Gaffney200920128,987
ErichsenThe College of OptometristsPostgraduate research scholarship2007201050,003
ErichsenRoyal SocietyEuropean Conference on Magnetic Sensors and Actuars & Satellite Wire Workshop201020101,400
EvansCollege of OptometristsComparing subjective and objective responses to preserved and preservative-free forms of ROHTO dry eye relief in a mild to moderate dry eye population201020101,550
MargrainScience & Technology Facilities CouncilDevelopment of an imaging retinal dosimetry2010201221,086
Margrain, WoodhouseRoyal National Institute for the BlindLow vision service model evaluation2008200958,206
Morgan, TudorInternational Glaucoma AssociationCharacterisation of the perineuronal net (PNN) in the glaucomatous human retina:  The identification of targets for PNN digestion as a potential therapy for the restoration of retinal ganglion cell structure in glaucoma2010201150,000
NorthCollege of OptometristsSummer Scholarship201020101,550
PurslowLaboratoires Thea S.A.SWarming efficiency and safety of BLEPHASTEAM versus warm compresses in eyelid therapy201020109,822
Purslow, MurphyMenicon Co LtdThe analysis of ocular surface topography and development of novel contact lens design20072010154,887
Purslow, MurphyLaboratoires Thea S.A.SExamination of a novel warming device2009201127,575
QuantockJapan Eye Bank AssociationThe development of ROCK inhibitor containing corneal storage medium focused on the suppression of apoptosis in corneal endothelial cells2010201110,000
TudorNational Eye Research CentrePerineuronal net digestion as a therapy for the restoration of retinal ganglion cell structure in glaucoma2010201149,513
WessScience and Technology Facilities CouncilMolecular history200920116,600
WessScience & Technology Facilities CouncilMolecular history200920116,600
WoodhouseRoyal National Institute of Blind PeopleVision care for children and young people in special schools in Wales2010201212,000
Woodhouse, RyanRoyal National Institute of Blind PeopleVision care for children and young people in special schools in Wales2010201323,354