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Ambition and vision

Our mission is to contribute significantly to the world endeavour to understand and develop new treatments for the blinding diseases that affect our society.

We aim to continue to deliver world leading optometric education at undergraduate and postgraduate level with innovative and forward thinking ideas and research embedded in our teaching culture. We will continue to undertake internationally recognised and acknowledged research in both basic and clinical sciences relating to vision.

A vision for the future

Advancing the delivery of optometric education

For many years we have been one of the most internationally recognised and successful Schools of Optometry. The significant role of our research and the high profile that this takes within the development of teaching materials enables us to deliver a cutting edge and exciting undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum. This has enabled us to develop and maintain a world leading reputation for optometry and vision sciences education.

Our aim is to continue to advance the delivery of optometric education that is fit for the 21st century and appropriate to the needs of the optometric profession. We place a high priority on achieving outstanding scores in the National Student Survey.

Enabling innovative research to flourish

We are at the forefront of vision science research and are world leaders in a number of areas. These are encapsulated by our research themes. We will continue to contribute to significant developments in the understanding of the visual system and its diseases and to the development of new treatments for the blinding diseases that affect humanity.

In order to do this we will:

  • utilise the most appropriate and contemporary research techniques and methodologies and continue to develop new areas of research.
  • increase research income through Research Council and European sources to enable our research to continue to flourish.
  • continue to publish our research work in high impact research journals.
  • disseminate our research findings through high profile presentations at international and national scientific conferences.
  • focus on developing high impact innovative clinical research in the School.
  • foster even closer ties with our industrial partners, enabling research to be undertaken with industrial collaborators.

Strengthening local and global links

We have a significant role in the life of the community and undertake engagement activities at a local, national and international level. We see our role developing and strong national and international links continuing to be forged.

International engagement is one of our priorities, and we have strong links with Schools of Optometry in Europe through our Erasmus programme. We also partner with other world leading Schools of Optometry internationally.

We have a strong reputation in recruiting and educating international students and aim to continue to develop this, as well as allowing a significant proportion of our own students to undertake international experiences during their education.