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Sheila Miller


The Campus Services Division was saddened to learn of the recent death of Mrs Sheila Miller, 28 November 2008, Sheila was a Catering Assistant/Cashier within the division for over 42 years. Unfortunately Sheila became unwell last November and battled bravely against a disease which impacts so many of us. Sheila had the opportunity to retire a number of years ago but chose to carry on working, a true testament to the sort of women she was.  As you can imagine Sheila saw many changes throughout her years of service and always approached those changes with nothing but enthusiasm.

Sheila leaves behind her husband John, devoted sister, children and grand children, who are naturally devastated by her passing. Sheila was a fantastic member of the team and formed many friendships throughout her time at the university, she is remembered for her extraordinary ability to make people smile. Her dedication, strong work ethic, commitment, capacity for work and genuine concern for people, both staff and customers alike was second to none.

She will be very much missed by all her colleagues.