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New mass spectrometry suite for School of Chemistry

18 December 2013

Chemistry mass spectrometry suite

Mass spectrometry together with X-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance and atomic level microscopy form the "core-four" analytical techniques of chemistry.

A theme of the new mass spectrometry suite is hyphenated analytical methods where instruments are daisy-chained together to produce rich multidimensional datasets that reveal the composition of complex mixtures. The suite will feature instrume nts for analysis of the molecular and atomic constituents of an enormous breadth of samples, ranging from supported metal catalysts through to proteins. The new instruments will support the School's leading research in solving the global challenges of green energy, clean air and water, and sustainable chemicals manufacture.

Head of School, Professor Rudolf Allemann said "This latest investment in mass spectrometry perfectly complements recent enhancements to the School's NMR and X-ray facilities. Our researchers can enjoy hands-on access to the latest analytical instruments. We expect many fruitful collaborations to ensue both within and beyond Cardiff, and for our students to take their expertise into the wider world."

The suite will occupy a dedicated newly refurbished laboratory in Main Building and will open in the summer of 2014.