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New Funding for sDNA Cycle Model

30 April 2015

Sustainable Places Research Associate, Dr Crispin Cooper and Alain Chiaradia, a lecturer in Urban Design at Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography, have secured ESRC IAA funding (ESRC £20,000 + contributions in kind of £44,000) to work with three global transport consultancies and sustainable transport charity Sustrans on sDNA impact projects In the context of the positive active travel policy in Wales.

This funding will go towards research to enable public sector, private sector and communities end users to easily use spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) software tools to exploit  open data, free and open source software,  and to objectively characterise the built environment for robust strategic decision making in sustainable transport, walking and cycling, planning, public health and spatial policies that improve people's lives.
sDNA is state of the art spatial design network analysis software which enables urban planners and designers to model the impact of urban form on travel mode and route choices. sDNA supports 2D/3D analysis of standard, off-the-shelf data sets, helping to shape effective spatial plans that optimise sustainable travel decisions. This tool has the potential to be used by local authorities, transport planners, urban designers, architects and developers to better understand the existing built environment and the likely effect of "what if" scenarios. In turn, active and sustainable travel has a significant impact on health and economic outcomes.

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