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Graphic Moves: dynamic exhibition is the next step in the Productive Margins programme

29 April 2015

Graphic Moves

From Friday May 1st to Sunday May 3rd, The Abacus Gallery in Cardiff will house an exhibition of film, sculpture, and sound created by young artists from Merthyr Tydfil.

Graphic Moves is part of the Productive Margins programme, an Economic and Social Research Council funded venture bringing together community organisations and social enterprises in Bristol and South Wales. The project also sees collaboration between academics from the University of Bristol, Cardiff University, and the University of Aberdeen. 

Working with academics, community partners and artists, the Productive Margins programme aims to release the creativity, knowledge and passions of young people - often at the margins of decision-making and power - to co-produce new forms of research, engagement and decision-making. 

The event at Abacus is the first of a series of exhibitions co-produced by young people and the artists. At this event, young artists from Merthyr have created exhibition pieces about their relationship with their town and landscape.

Dr Gareth M. Thomas, a Research Associate in the School of Social Sciences, says of the event: "The exhibition at The Abacus is a fantastic outlet for young people from Merthyr Tydfil to demonstrate their talents and highlight the relationship they have with their town and their landscape. It also provides a different perspective of Merthyr, a place often subjected to unfair and disparaging portrayals in the wider media. This is the first exhibition of many going on over the next few months and we're really pleased to be working with young people to engage with, and draw upon, their collective knowledge, resources and capabilities".

The School of Social Sciences is represented on the Productive Margins programme by Professor Emma Renold, Professor Martin Innes, Dr Eva Elliott, and Dr Gareth M. Thomas. The team also includes Professor Gabrielle Ivinson from the University of Aberdeen (but who was previously employed by the Cardiff School of Social Sciences). The Graphic Moves exhibition is at The Abacus Gallery (Wood Street, Cardiff) from Friday 1 May – Sunday 3 May, before moving on to Newport and Merthyr throughout June. It will also be displayed at the local launch of Cardiff University's 'Strong Communities, Healthier People' project in the summer.

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