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Tidal lagoon ‘made in the UK, assembled in Wales’

20 March 2015

Mark Shorrock from Tidal Lagoon Power with logo projection across face

Every major part of Swansea Tidal Lagoon project will be made in the UK and assembled in Wales.

The project's chief executive, Mark Shorrock, told members of Cardiff University Innovation Network that four proposed tidal power lagoons off the Welsh coast would bring major economic benefits.

In his 2015 Budget speech, Chancellor George Osborne said negotiations were opening on the £1bn tidal lagoon scheme.

Mr Shorrock, Chief Executive of Tidal Power Lagoon Ltd, told the Innovation Network the lagoon projects will contribute 27bn to UK GDP over the 12 year construction period.

The company proposes to build six tidal lagoons: four sites are earmarked for Wales in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and Colwyn Bay, plus Somerset and West Cumbria in England.

Mr Shorrock told the meeting: "Every major part of the lagoon is going to be made in the UK and assembled here in Wales."

He said the lagoon project would deliver power equating to 4416 offshore wind turbines or 10 reactors.

Professor Kevin Morgan, dean of engagement at Cardiff University, said: "Tidal Lagoon Power's proposal would help Wales to contribute to the European Union's goal of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It would also be a major boost for the Cardiff Capital Region, which aims to create a more innovative regional economy in South East Wales."