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POSTgraduate success for BIOSI student

3 March 2011

Eleanor Kean, a third year Biosi PhD student, has recently been awarded a three month fellowship at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), sponsored by the British Ecological Society (BES).

During her fellowship at parliament, Eleanor will work as an adviser to produce a short briefing, a 'POSTnote', on the topic of "Landscapes of the Future" examining the multiple land use needs of a growing society. She will draw on her research expertise on otter chemical (scent) communication under the supervision of Dr Elizabeth Chadwick in the Organisms and Environment Division.

POST provides independent analysis of public policy issues related to science and technology, providing briefing notes and longer reports with the aim to anticipate policy implications for parliamentarians.

Eleanor said, "This is a fantastic way to experience the vital links between science and policy, the relevance of which is often undervalued by both. I am incredibly grateful to the BES and POST for this opportunity"

Dr Chadwick responded, "Eleanor has done fantastically well to get this fellowship, and I know she'll make the most of it. I'm sure it will provide an invaluable insight into the policy side of ecology, and should really enhance her future career."

Professor Mike Bruford (Head of Organisms and Environment Division) commented, "We are delighted that one of our graduate students has been selected for this prestigious British Ecological Society posting in Parliament. It should be the mission of all ecologists to interact with politicians and influence policy in today's changing world, and Eleanor should gain invaluable experience which she can bring to her future career".

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