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Discovering enzymes

2 June 2017

Depiction of an enzyme

Professor Nigel Richards, Professor of Biological Chemistry at Cardiff University, has taken part in a BBC Radio 4 programme about enzymes, which aired on 1st June 2017.

The panel of experts on the programme also included Dr Sarah Barry (King's College London) and Professor Jim Naismith (University of St. Andrews and University of Oxford). They explained to host Melvyn Bragg what enzymes are, the history of their discovery, and how they can help us now, especially with their catalytic properties to speed up reactions.

Professor Richards’ research investigates the relationship between the structure and function of enzymes that either catalyse chemically interesting reactions or are potential targets for the development of drugs against cancer or tuberculosis. His work relies on an interdisciplinary approach at the interface of chemistry, physical organic chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology and medicinal chemistry and involves a wide range of techniques.

To listen to the programme again, please visit the BBC Radio 4 website.

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