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Borneo Jungle Diaries

2 June 2017

Wooden painted sign for Danau Girang Field Centre

New series showcases the Danau Girang Field Centre and the scientists trying to safeguard the wildlife of Borneo.

Deep in the heart of Borneo’s jungles lies a remote facility: The Danau Girang Field Centre (DGFC). This collaborative research and training facility, managed by Sabah Wildlife Department and Cardiff University, is home to a dedicated team of Malaysian and international research scientists, and provides a temporary home to Cardiff University students who embark on the University’s unique Biodiversity Field Course.

The important mission of the Danau Girang researchers, to monitor and conserve a unique tropical ecosystem, is about to be showcased in a new 10-part series, airing on the Danau Girang Facebook page and at

‘Borneo Jungle Diaries’ investigates life behind-the-scenes at DGFC. Environmental photojournalist, Aaron ‘Bertie’ Gekoski, follows a different scientist and animal per episode as they: tag a Sunda pangolin for the first time ever; catch baby crocodiles and huge pythons at night; gain intimate insights into the behaviour of nocturnal primates; track a herd of elephants, and much more.

“I hope this series will attract many students to the Danau Girang Field Centre and raise awareness about the amazing wildlife of the Kinabatangan and the importance of protecting this ecosystem,” said Dr Benoit Goossens, Director of DGFC and Lecturer at Cardiff School of Biosciences.

The first episode premieres on Monday 5 June in conjunction with World Environment Day, then the following episodes will be released every Monday for 9 weeks, with the last episode released on Monday 7 August.

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