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Decision-making and policy masterclass

23 May 2017

Academi Wales and Cardiff Business School will host a decision-making and policy masterclass with Princeton University’s Eldar Shafir, 28 June 2017.

Eldar Shafir is Professor of Behavioural Science and Public Policy at the Ivy League university and a world-renowned scholar, author and speaker in the field of behavioural science.

The event, being held as part of the School’s Public Value series, will take place at the Postgraduate Teaching Centre’s Executive education suite. Professor Leighton Andrews, Professor of Practice in Public Service Leadership and Innovation, will welcome Professor Shafir to Cardiff and introduce the session.

Professor Shafir’s research focuses on cognitive science and behavioural economics, with particular attention on the application of behavioural research to policy. The free masterclass will provide attendees with unparalleled expert insights drawn from research into the behavioural and decision sciences, and consider their impact on design and implementation of policy.

Specifically, the session will focus on the role and importance of decision contexts, the relevance of human cognition and perception, the mindset that arises in contexts of scarcity, and the tension between empirical findings and the tendency to conduct policy intuitively.

A Behavioural Perspective on Decision Making and Policy with Professor Eldar Shafir: 28 June 2017, 1.00pm – 3.00pm, Cardiff Business School’s Postgraduate Teaching Centre. For more information, please visit the Academi Wales website.

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