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Further Finnish developments

26 June 2012

Professor Terry Marsden has recently returned from a visit to the University of Helsinki where he holds an International Readership in the Swedish School of Social Sciences. He was taking part in a joint seminar on Sustainable Cities with colleagues from Helsinki, Vaasa and the Finnish Environmental Institute. The seminar explored existing comparative research on sustainable cities and looked at common themes associated with how cities can adapt to climate change, as well as social and governance issues. 

 The Sustainable Places Research Institute is currently undertaking comparative research in this area and working with colleagues from the Swedish School of Social Sciences, Helsinki University, studying city-region adaptation and transition in the Greater Helsinki City-Region.

Terry also presented the other current work of the Institute, and this was followed by Dr Lasse Peltonen of the Finnish Environmental Institute who presented their research associated with sustainable cities. Areas of future collaboration, especially parallel work on sustainable communities will be developed, as well as possible participation in the first Sustainable Places International Conference on Sustainable Place-making in October. Further details on the International Conference in Cardiff, including a call for papers can be found through the link on this page.

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