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Professor John Harwood awarded Morton Lecture

10 November 2016

Prof John Harwood

Professor John Harwood of the School of Biosciences will today deliver the prestigious Biochemical Society Morton Lecture at Cardiff University. The honour has been awarded to Professor Hartwood in recognition of his outstanding contributions to lipid biochemistry.

Lipids are a major dietary constituent but they also have vital functions for good health and vitality in all living organisms. Professor Harwood’s lecture, ‘Inspired by Lipids: Molecules providing novel solutions for medical, agricultural and environmental issues,’ will show how research at Cardiff University has provided crucial insights, which have important current and future implications in medicine, agriculture and the environment.

Commenting on the award, Professor Harwood said,

‘The Morton Lecture Award is the most prestigious recognition in the U.K. for work on lipids. I am very honoured indeed to receive it’

Professor Harwood has had a long career at the forefront of research into lipid biochemistry. His contributions are many and varied, and his research has covered all levels of lipid biochemistry, from agricultural solutions to medical products.

His many research achievements have contributed to the development of an artificial lung surfactant that is widely administered to premature babies to assist their breathing; the production of transgenic plants to increase the yield of oil seed rape; and the addition of omega-3 fatty acids supplements and functional pet foods to protect against arthritis in animals.

He is also author of the latest three editions of the highly regarded textbook Lipids: Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Health.

The 2016 Morton Lecture will be presented to Professor Harwood on Thursday 10 November 2016, 7pm in the Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre at Cardiff University.

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