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Law alumnus returns to Cardiff as Visiting Fellow

25 April 2016

A former PhD student has recently returned to Cardiff as a visiting academic in maritime law.

Dr Ho-Sam Bang carried out his PhD at the School between 2004-2009 under Professor Robin Churchill and Professor Urfan Khaliq and has since forged a career as a consultant in the law of the sea, maritime law and coastguard studies. Dr Bang is an Associate Professor of Chonnam National University, South Korea but was keen to return to Cardiff, to a city and School that he is very fond of, during his year’s research leave.

In addition to his role as Associate Professor, Dr Bang also works as a consultant to the Korea Coast Guard, acts as one of the directors of the Korean Society of Maritime Law and is a member of the editorial board of Korean Maritime Law Review. He is a member of the Executive and Research Committee of the Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOC) Study Group of Korea.

Dr Bang said, “I am delighted to return to Cardiff as a visiting academic as it brings back old memories of my PhD studies here. I understand that there many researchers at the School whose research interests are similar to mine which I believe will be very helpful when working on my research project which is concerned with maritime safety regime building in the Northeast Asian region. I am looking forward to a delightful and fruitful time here once again.”

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