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International Forum on food security coordination

10 May 2016


Roberta Sonnino, Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, was invited to participate in the Aspen Institute International Forum, which focused on the need for international coordination and new partnerships on food security.

The Forum recognised that the potential of the UN food agencies and multisector collaborations can be used to better address the Sustainable Development Goals and challenges of food accessibility, utility, adequacy and nutrition. Attendees at the Forum (which included representatives from the Italian governments, the Moroccan and American ambassadors, the WFP, FAO, IFAD and key private sector companies) discussed the relationship between humanitarian aid and food security and processes needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, taking into account the current levels of migration around the world.

Commenting on the event Professor Sonnino said: “Given the significant humanitarian crisis we are seeing at the moment and the need for current food security planning, this Forum is extremely timely in exploring the humanitarian elements that need to be considered to address ongoing food security issues relating to long-term displacement of significant numbers of migrants around the world".

The Forum has instigated a new collaborative process between key policy and private actors to ensure that food security is included in the agenda of the 2017 G7 meeting, which will take place in Italy.

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