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Professor receives international award for lipid research

6 May 2016

Prof John Harwood

Professor John Harwood of Cardiff University School of Biosciences has received an international award in recognition of his work in the field of lipid research.

The prestigious Stephen S. Chang award recognises scientists who have made decisive accomplishments in research for the improvement or development of products related to lipids. Scientists may be recognised for either one major breakthrough or, as in the case of Professor Harwood, for an accumulation of publications.

Professor Harwood has had a long career at the forefront of research into lipid biochemistry. His contributions are many and varied, and his research has covered all levels of lipid biochemistry, from agricultural solutions to medical products.

His many research achievements have contributed to the development of an artificial lung surfactant that is widely administered to premature babies to assist their breathing; the production of transgenic plants to increase the yield of oil seed rape; and the addition of omega-3 fatty acids supplements and functional pet foods to protect against arthritis in animals.

On receiving the award, Professor Harwood said:

'I am delighted and honoured to receive this award for my work in lipid research. As a scientist, I have always sought to discover new things and, when such discoveries prove useful to the world, it is extremely satisfying.'

In a letter supporting Professor Harwood’s nomination, Frank Flider of the Flider Group, said

“Professor Harwood’s long and distinguished career in lipid sciences and his contributions to the field have moved the industry forward in invaluable ways.  He has a very keen understanding of the needs and protocols involved in working with private industry. While his distinguished contributions to the lipid industry and literature were the primary reasons we initiated our research with Professor Harwood, this understanding and willingness to work with us on an industry level while maintaining scientific excellence are key to ultimate validation and success”.

Another nomination letter described Professor Harwood’s career and achievements as “an ideal model of how fundamental science can dramatically impact industrial products, processes and importance.”

Professor Harwood was presented with his award at the AOCS Annual Conference and Expo in Salt Lake City on 2 May.

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