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New report spotlights social value procurement

23 May 2024

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A new report led by the Centre of Public Value Procurement and Wales Centre for Public Policy, both part of Cardiff Business School, sheds light on the crucial integration of social value into procurement practices.

Commissioned by the Welsh Government, the report showcases real-world examples of embedding social, environmental, economic, and cultural well-being — collectively known as social value — into procurement practices.

Drawing from seven case studies featuring organisations from various sectors, it provides a holistic view, encompassing both buyer and supplier perspectives.

Through conversational video interviews, representatives from organisations such as Caerphilly Council, National Highways, Bute Energy and others share firsthand experiences and best practices in embedding social value into public procurement.

Professor Jane Lynch, Director of Centre of Public Value Procurement, says:

“This research project is well timed to support procurement professionals with the new procurement legislation which takes effect from October 2024. The cases bring greater clarity around the term social which is often misinterpreted along with value. Our thanks to the interview participants who shared their experiences to help us scope out this important agenda.”
Professor Jane Lynch Professor of Procurement

The report coincides with the introduction of new legislation, including the Procurement Act 2023, the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act 2023, and the Health Service Procurement (Wales) Act 2024. Such legal frameworks signify a shift in public procurement norms, focusing less on process and more on delivering better outcomes for society and our communities.

This report, alongside legislative reforms, seeks to steer organisations toward embedding social value in their practices, bringing them into closer alignment with the goals outlined in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

Read the full report:

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