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Cardiff University joins forces with Cardiff Capital Region for future collaboration

26 April 2024

Cardiff University has signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding with Cardiff Capital Region and other Higher and Further Education institutions from South-East Wales, forming a framework for future collaboration based on key objectives for economic wellbeing in the Region.

The agreement is a first of its kind in Wales, with Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and the University of South Wales being joined by the Region’s Further Education colleges, including Merthyr Tydfil, Coleg Gwent, Cardiff and Vale College, Coleg Y Cymoedd and Bridgend College.

Given the concentration of academic and research excellence in South-East Wales, this memorandum of understanding will ensure the wider region realises the benefits of cooperative working. Each of the institutions has a significant role to play in embracing the regional growth agenda and ensuring civic commitments to inclusivity and sustainability are at the heart of new and emerging initiatives.

Wendy Larner, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University said: “I am pleased to welcome this memorandum of understanding which will serve to strengthen the roots of the collaborative and innovative research taking place across our institutions."

This partnership will help steer our collective vision for a prosperous, competitive, and resilient South-East Wales region. Cardiff University’s expertise in the vital areas of compound semiconductors and digital technologies will be a key driver in achieving this aim.
Professor Wendy Larner President and Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University

Since 2017 Cardiff Capital Region, which is based at the University’s sbarc|spark building, has worked successfully with regional Higher Education and Further Education on transformative projects, leveraging significant research and innovation funding for the Region. This includes being the only UK Region to secure two UK Research and Innovation Strength In Places Fund initiatives (CSConnected and Media Cymru) with a combined value of almost £100 million.

This further commitment will ensure alignment on regional ambitions and create further opportunities for business engagement, collaborative learning, teaching, and research and development, allowing Cardiff Capital Region to gather the expertise that these institutions can deliver together.

Kellie Beirne, CEO of Cardiff Capital Region, said: "This partnership demonstrates a significant coming together of educational and research institutions and a newly established regional public body, allowing us to align our efforts to advance our civic missions together. Innovation stands as the cornerstone of our future, and our joint commitment to collaborate and forge a new path provides the best chance of building sustainability and resilience in the face of ongoing change and challenge. By formalising our relationships, we lay the groundwork for regional impact and future sustainable growth and a recognition that together, we can achieve more."