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Computational Chemistry LIVE

19 December 2013

Computational Chemistry LIVE

As part of chemistry week the School of Chemistry hosted a CHEMNET outreach afternoon entitled "Computational Chemistry LIVE!"

This event was attended by post 16 students and was themed on the application of computer simulation to help chemists' understand the geometry and bonding responsible for chemical properties. Students were provided with an overview of computational chemistry, with examples from the wide variety of research being performed by computational chemists at Cardiff University. The day concluded with a visit to HELIX; the 3D visualisation suite where students viewed 3D molecular models of biological and catalytic systems and observed the dynamic events that can be captured and studied using computer simulation. Material for the day was put together by Liam Thomas who is studying for a PhD in the computational chemistry group with help from Soon Wen Hoh, Christian Reece, Jamie Platts, David Willock and Dayna Mason.

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