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Two free webinars as part of Learning at Work Week

6 April 2023

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We are thrilled to be partnering with Learning at Work Week to host two free webinars. Join us for sessions on the art of storytelling in the workplace, and the importance of the creative economy to businesses across the UK.

Learning at Work Week is a unique annual event. Led nationally by Campaign for Learning and by employers in their organisations, the event aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continuing learning and development.

The team behind our successful Virtual Spring/Summer Schools has with academics in Cardiff Business School and Creative Cardiff to bring you two free webinars:

Creatives mean business: The growth and development of the UK's creative economy and why it matters to all businesses

Sara Pepper Creative Cardiff

Professor Sara Pepper | Creative Cardiff | Clwstwr

The UK creative economy accounts for more than 2.5million jobs.
This sizeable workforce spans multiple industries with creatives - from designers to software engineers, marketing executives to photographers - embedded in organisations across all sectors.
This session will reflect on the growth and development of the UK’s creative economy in the last decade and why it matters to all businesses, and to society.

Wednesday 17 May
10:00 - 11:00

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The future of story telling in the workplace

The Future of Storytelling

Professor Sarah Hurlow | Director of Executive Education | Cardiff Business School

Stories are everywhere – in films, TV soaps, the news, adverts, gossip, novels and children’s bedtime. They draw us into a journey intellectually, emotionally, and physiologically. And this means that they have a powerful role to play in the workplace.

Stories can be used to convey big messages about strategy, branding or change as well as day-to-day messages about performance, wellbeing, and improvement.

This session will focus on using stories to help you make sense for others as well as giving stakeholders – customers, patients, employees, citizens – the means to tell their stories to build community and help us see and do things differently.

The session will look at some of the key elements of a good story and offer quick tips for being a good storyteller.

Thursday 18 May
10:00 - 11:00

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