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CPD Unit Annual Review 2022

7 March 2023

Annual Review 2022

We are pleased to present the CPD Unit's Annual Review of 2022, detailing the different aspects to our work during an eventful year - including our move into the new sbarc|spark building.

We approached 2022 feeling optimistic and enthusiastic for the year ahead, particularly in comparison to the challenging past couple of years.

In the first quarter, we moved into sbarc|spark, the flagship new building at the centre of the Innovation Campus, which has been purpose-built to stimulate new possibilities between academia and industry. To come back onto campus to such an inspiring, friendly, and cheerful environment is a welcome fresh start that has made us feel valued and excited for the future.

Challenges (and opportunities) such as increasing uncertainty regarding the economy, rapidly changing technologies, and a drive for net zero, have each affected the skills environment. We have experienced a growing interest and demand for online learning from several sectors preparing themselves for change. The speed of change has been palpable and, although forced on us, it has brought with it some beneficial ways of working which we have continued to build on in 2022.

We celebrated a number of achievements, milestones and successes during the year. These include gaining 23 compliance plus awards for our Customer Service Excellence® (CSE®) assessment, a truly special achievement. Other highlights include our successful two-week Virtual Summer School, and a service transformation for the Police Station Representative Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS).

In 2023, aided by our new home in sbarc|spark, we will position ourselves to engage with emerging sectors aligning with the University’s research strengths. We are part of a community that generates opportunities to deepen our connections and broaden our collaborations with colleagues and businesses.

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Annual Review 2022

Read the CPD Unit Review of 2022, detailing the different aspects to our work, and our move to the University's flagship sbarc|spark building.

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