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Introducing PhD student, Assala Mihoubi

25 January 2023

We met with PhD Research Student, Assala Mihoubi, to find out a bit about her research and what led her to study at Cardiff University.

Who are you, where are you from and what is your academic background?

My name is Assala Mihoubi. I am from Algeria, specifically, from the east of Algeria. My academic background includes sociolinguistics, language and communication, and teaching (also called didactics).

What made you decide to study a PhD at Cardiff University’s School of Welsh?

First of all, I was really interested in studying Language Policy. The moment I started looking for PhD offers, I found Cardiff University to meet my expectations, with the famous research unit of Language Policy at the School of Welsh, and the experienced professors working there. Additionally, Wales has been a leading example of initiating successful language policies for decades. These factors, amongst others, meant I chose Cardiff University and the School of Welsh with no hesitation.

Do you live in Cardiff? If so, what is your favourite thing about the city?

I have lived in Cardiff for almost four years now. It is a lovely city, very vibrant and student-friendly. It is very multicultural; you won't feel like an outsider. I like that it's welcoming and tolerant. I have discovered great places such as the parks, lakes, forests, beaches, and many more!

Tell us about your chosen research topic?

My research deals with the topic of language policies and how they can be assessed in terms of linguistic justice. I take the Algerian university as a case study, where I study the policies and the practices to understand and assess how linguistically just they are. My aims are to understand more how language policies operationalise on the level of universities, and to understand the importance of taking linguistic justice into account in future planning for policies.

Why would you encourage others to undertake a PhD at Cardiff University School of Welsh?

I think people who are interested, not only in Welsh but also in a wide variety of specialities, should apply to be part of the School of Welsh because the school is very multicultural and inclusive. It also holds many academic and social activities all year long, so you won't feel isolated and alone. The school community is very friendly from the academic staff, administrative staff to postgraduate research students. The school felt like a second home to me.

What are your plans for after you graduate?

After graduation, I will go back to Algeria to start my academic career at one of the Algerian universities. I will use the knowledge and expertise I learned at Cardiff University to build an academic career and benefit the people of my country.

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