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Cardiff & Namibia Universities run first ever SADC Airway Conference

28 April 2016

Anaesthesia  Training

No one should die because the person giving an anaesthetic can’t get oxygen into the patient.

People do die, and so Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project, University of Namibia and the Namibian Ministry of Health are running the Namibian Airway Management Conference (NAAME).

We will develop airway management skills in the Southern African Development Community. There will be sessions for experts and sessions for beginners, and hopefully a community of airway specialists will come out of this.

The conference will be held at the Hotel Thule, Windhoek, Namibia on 7 - 9 June 2016. The conference is free and will have keynote speakers, lectures, workshops and case-based discussions, international faculty dinner and trade exhibition.

We’ve invited colleagues from SADC, South Africa, and the UK, but wherever you are, if you want to come or contribute in any way, please get in touch by emailing:

Travelling scholarships for cases of financial hardship are available for those travelling from SADC countries.

The conference leads are Professor Judith Hall, Cardiff University and Dr Celestine Mbangtang, University of Namibia.

Airway management poster