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CPD Unit celebrates Customer Service Excellence success

3 February 2022

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We were recently awarded 6 new Compliance Plus awards at our annual Customer Service Excellence® (CSE) review, bringing our total to 21 and showcasing our continuing high standards of customer care.

This success comes weeks after our team also won the CSE Award for Maintaining a Customer Focused Organisation.

Comprised of 57 elements, the Customer Service Excellence Standard® is a comprehensive assessment; to achieve it requires a whole-team commitment to delivering excellent customer service and embracing continuous improvement.

The team took part in a full assessment in 2019, gaining 13 Compliance Plus awards. A Compliance Plus is awarded where the team is considered to be achieving over and above the required standard. In the two reviews since 2019, we have been awarded further Compliance Plus awards (two in 2020, and six in 2021), despite the external assessor noting that awarding further Compliance Plus standards is not normally possibly in a review year.

Many of the examples of excellence recorded in the annual review relate to ways that we are supporting the Professional Services strategy, in particular developing “excellent and high-quality services that meet the needs of an ambitious University, rebuilding itself in the wake of the Covid pandemic”. Feedback from the assessor included praise for new strategies developed to engage and involve customers, and our planned response to the predicted UK recession and subsequent need for upskilling and retraining following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clare Sinclair, Head of the CPD Unit commented:

I am incredibly proud of the team for this achievement, which represents another year of examining every aspect of our service in great detail to be sure that we’re providing an excellent standard of care to all our customers. It means a great deal to be recognised for our continued efforts to innovate and improve customer service, particularly during the pandemic when so many of our planned programmes had to be entirely reconsidered. We’re also delighted to have won the CSE award for Maintaining a Customer Focused Organisation, which again acknowledges the work we’ve done to support all our customer groups during Covid-19.
Clare Sinclair Head of Continuing Professional Development Unit

The Customer Service Excellence Standard®, backed by the Cabinet Office, recognises organisations that truly put their customers at the heart of what they do. The CPD Unit has found the framework to be extremely useful in identifying areas of success as well as gaps in service provision. Through sharing best practice with other departments across Cardiff University, and externally, the CPD Unit has been able to improve its service provision year on year.

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