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Knowledge Transfer Partnership rated ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK

9 November 2021

The latest research collaboration between Cardiff University researchers and a sustainable energy company has been evaluated as ‘Outstanding’ by a UK Government body.

Three years ago, SRS Works Ltd and the School of Engineering teamed up to develop a smaller and lighter inverter for domestic solar panels. The resulting Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) proved so successful that it has now been extended to focus on thermal battery storage.

Professor Nick Jenkins and Dr Wenlong Ming led the recently completed work with SRS Works Limited, with contributions from Dr Sheng Wang, Rajesh Rajamony and Dr Karolina Rucinska.

The successful partnership between SRS Works Ltd and the School of Engineering has led to the development of a  prototype inverter that uses the latest Compound Semiconductor technology to show that with an advanced design, inverters can be smaller and lighter, thus more attractive to domestic customers. With the growing demand for renewable energy, an inverter that can save space and make an installation simpler is in demand.

After this successful partnership, SRS went on to develop two more positive KTPs with Cardiff University, cementing their award-winning R&D brand. The project also led to professional development for the team at Cardiff University. For example, Dr Sheng Wang became a lecturer, while Rajesh was offered a position at Newcastle University.

Professor Nick Jenkins is presently the Leader of the Centre for Integrated Energy Generation and Supply Research Group, of which Dr Wenlong Ming and Dr Sheng Wang are also members. The group has international expertise in both the supply and transmission of energy and their research aims to meet the technical challenges of moving towards a low carbon energy system.

SRS Works Ltd manufacture renewable products and provide safe air and renewable services.

The KTP programme is part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy and aims to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base. KTPs are part-funded by the Government-backed body Innovate UK.

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