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Introducing a New Research Project: “Exploring opportunities for farmers in Wales to produce foods for future markets”

27 September 2021

New Cardiff Research Project

Changes to subsidies, international trade, consumer preferences, and the climate have created multiple challenges for modern Welsh farmers – prompting researchers at Cardiff University's Sustainable Places Research Institute to launch a new project.

Funded through the British Academy Small Research Grants Scheme, this project will focus on gathering farmers’ concerns and opinions about diversifying their production and the pressures of meeting the demand for more UK-grown plant-based food.  
This research will help ensure that policy makers and stakeholders hear directly from farmers on how best to support them as the agricultural industry rises to meet new and ever-growing demands.

To carry out this important work, researchers have devised four key objectives:

  1. Survey:In order to investigate current concerns an online survey has been opened to all farmers in Wales, available in both Welsh and English.
  2. Interviews:Our researchers will interview farmers that have been identified for their innovation and have already begun to diversify production by introducing plant-based production to their farms. Participants in the survey will also be given the choice to be interviewed, providing a great opportunity to hear more about specific farms and the experience and opinions of Farmers.
  3. Workshops:
    Farmers and agricultural innovators will be invited to connect at network through a series of online discussions (in English and Welsh), where practical ideas and opinions can be shared.
  4. Share findings with Stakeholders
    The findings from this research will be shared with relevant stakeholders and decision makers, informing future policy so that the right support is given to Farmers who wish to diversify.

For more information, questions or to share your comments, contact: Dr. Hannah Pitt

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