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New courses in web security and machine learning

27 July 2021

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We are pleased to announce two brand new CPD courses in web application security and machine learning with biomedical applications.

Web Application Security course

5-week course: starts 7 October 2021

This 5-week CPD training course is open for all software developers interested in improving their knowledge and practical skills in cyber security. The course focuses on web application security. In the course, we introduce participants to the key concepts of cyber security and discuss the importance of security in web applications.

The course will provide an overview of security vulnerabilities in web application and teach how to choose and implement appropriate security countermeasures. The course will provide practical, hands-on experience of conducting web application penetration testing and implementing a wide range of security countermeasures in web-applications.

Who it’s for

The course is designed for software developers and web application developers, computer scientist and IT experts who are interested in improving their web application security knowledge and skills.

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FREE Taster: Maching learning with biomedical applications

1-hour live webinar: 9 December 2021

The immune system is one of the most complex networks of different organs, cells and proteins that protect the body from illness. Understanding of these complexities are essential in preventing and proposing novel therapies for a variety of diseases. Advances in high-throughput experimental techniques have increased the availability of immunological datasets from proteomic and transcriptomic applications, such as single-cell RNA-sequencing or developing drug targets and vaccine candidates.

In this webinar we will

  • critically review recent technical and analytical advances to evaluate immune responses following viral infection and cancer.
  • Look at strengths and weaknesses of genomic and transcriptomic profiling technologies and common machine learning methods. In particular, to gain insight into cellular heterogeneity
  • focus on recent developments in single-cell technology and analysis. The increase in the number of single cells per experiment (thousands or even millions), pose new data science problems. We will outline challenges and formulate motivating research questions that will be essential for the progression of this field.

Who it's for

This webinar is suitable for people with an interest in data-driven methods and their application in immunology. It will also be suitable for those who are interested in machine learning technological advances.

This webinar is free to attend but you need to register for your place.

Registration opens soon

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