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Success at Speaking of Science Conference

17 June 2021

Bedwyr Thomas' headshot

A PhD student received recognition at an interdisciplinary conference for early career researchers, providing an engaging talk about research investigating prion disease through the medium of the Welsh language.

Bedwyr Thomas, a PhD Student at Cardiff University’s Medicines Discovery Institute, was awarded the People’s Choice award at the Speaking of Science Conference in May.

Bedwyr’s PhD project focuses on investigating prion diseases, such as mad cow disease and kuru, and he conducts his research into pioneering treatments for the diseases entirely in Welsh.

The Firetalks at the conference were an opportunity for candidates to showcase their research in five minute presentations. The PhD student was able to share his research with other early career researchers.

Bedwyr said: “It was fantastic to receive the People’s Choice award for the best Firetalk overall. It was surprising since I was the only speaker in the entire conference to present in Welsh.

“During the talk, an interpreter was able to provide live translation and I switched to English in order to answer audience questions. This allowed me to share my research in my first language.

“The feedback I received was incredibly positive. This was the first conference where I have given a presentation and it’s very encouraging knowing that attendees enjoyed my presentation style and are interested in my research.”

Bedwyr will go on to present at Y Gynhadledd Wyddonol and Y Gynhadledd Ymchwil, hosted by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol.

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