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CUREMeDE Welcomes Simon Johns

23 March 2021

In 2020 CUREMeDE welcomed two new Postgraduate students. Here we welcome Simon Johns and look at his work around wellbeing and mental health in schools.

"Hello, I’m Simon Johns and I am a proud member of the CUREMeDE team at Cardiff University.

As a psychologist and social scientist, I am currently creating and evaluating mental health resources to be used in education settings throughout Wales to help support schools, teachers, and pupils.  I am also very interested in how the learning space influences how people feel and their motivation to learn.

My role at CUREMeDE focuses around scientifically evaluating resources and initiatives so that they can be understood 'realistically' - understanding how, why and in what circumstances they work best, to support wider distribution and to help improve the mental health of our younger generation.   So far it has been interesting to learn about the role schools play in shaping wellbeing outcomes and I look forward to learning more about the importance of social science research in this rapidly changing society."

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