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Some useful techniques to consider when searching for research studies in Children’s Social Care: A new publication from SURE

21 January 2021

Last week What Works for Children’s Social Care published its latest report. The report summarises the findings of a study of five techniques to guide those searching for research studies of relevance to children’s social care.

The research was carried out within SURE in collaboration with the EPPI-Centre at University College London.  We have discovered that searchers of published research in this cross-disciplinary area of children’s social care will need to use a range of search terms and information sources, including web sites, to identify the wealth of relevant research available.  Practical guidance on search techniques that may help with study identification, including some useful free-to-access databases and web sites, is provided in the report.

SURE staff have been working closely with CASCADE on a series of scoping reviews, systematic reviews and specialist reports focusing on safely reducing the need for children to enter care.

All these reports can be found within the What Works for Children’s Social Care Evidence Store.

Read the full Searching for research studies in children’s social care: some techniques and tools report.

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