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COV-Ed nurse study launches

4 December 2020

A new UK wide study is launched this week that examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted second and third year student nurses.

The 18-month research study is funded by the ESRC and UKRI and will obtain detailed insights using weekly diaries and in-depth interviews with student nurses across all branches of nursing, and the 4 countries of the UK.  The project will identify those factors that help promote resilience and support the clinical education of student nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, it will map the impact of their current experience on their professional identities and future ambitions as registered nurses. Finally, the project will generate key lessons for nursing pedagogy, practice, and workforce policy.

The Wales arm of the study is being led by Cardiff University, School of Healthcare Sciences’ Professor Daniel Kelly, Royal College of Nursing Chair of Nursing Research and Dr Tessa Watts, Senior Lecturer.

Professor Kelly said: ‘This study is focussing directly on the nursing student experience during Covid19 and seeks to understand the challenges, and the opportunities, so that we can learn from them for the future.’

Dr Watts added: 'During the Covid-19 pandemic and the Year of the Nurse and Midwife nursing students have and continue to give so much. These are our future Registered Nurses. It is essential that we give these students a voice so that we might better understand their educational experiences and develop appropriate education and supportive interventions.'

The UK wide research study is based at Oxford Brookes University and other partner institutions include Birmingham, Dundee, Ulster and Kings College London. An advisory panel of 4 students, one from each country, has been established help to guide to study.

The research study is for students working in all practice environments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any 2nd or 3rd year nursing student wishing to take part and receive a £20 amazon voucher and enter the iPad prize draw can register here.

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