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A research agenda for Global Rural Development

1 October 2020

Global Rural Development

New book sets out path-breaking research agenda for global rural development.

A new book, co-authored by Terry Marsden of the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University, Clare Lamine and Sergio Schnieder offers an innovative and embedded rural social science capable of both understanding and enacting progress towards diverse and sustainable pathways.

It relocates rural development at the heart of global trends associated with widespread but uneven urbanisation, climate change and severe resource depletion, rising population growth, density and inequality, and global political, economic and health crises.

‘Rural spaces, while still under-threat, also represent sites of incredible experimentation, innovation and resistance. In an era of growing ecological and economic crisis, this book represents a much needed addition to the literature showing rurality as site for contestation and socio-ecological redemption.’

Michael Carolan, Colorado State University, USA

Collapsing traditional binary notions of development as north-south, ruralurban, global-local and traditional-modern, It offers potential routes for substantive, interlinked research agendas, including new ruralities, governance, land rights, agro-ecology, financialisation, power relations, family farming, and the role of markets.

Published by Edward Elgar Publishing the book in available online from October 2020.

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