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Your Still Beating Heart

10 September 2020

High stakes thriller launch for award-winning author

Cardiff Creative Writing lecturer Tyler Keevil’s new book Your Still Beating Heart is hitting book shelves.

The stylish and daring thriller explores what happens when a curve ball skews life out of all recognition.

A random stabbing on a London bus leaves a young woman widowed and detached from her previous world. Stripped of a future that should have been hers, she impulsively books a trip to Prague – the city where she and her husband got engaged.

But in the midst of a bleak winter, isolated and numb, she can do little more than wander the cobbled streets – until she receives an intriguing proposition. There’s a job for someone just like her. All she needs to do is pick something up, and drive back. Just once.

The Canadian-born writer and lecturer is twice winner of the Wales Book of the Year People’s Prize for his novels Fireball and The Drive. Following hot on the heels of that success, he took the No Good Brother literary roadshow on UK tour last year, in collaboration with his brother, musician and filmmaker Jonathan Keevil.

Tyler Keevil previously collected the Writers Trust of Canada/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize for Sealskin from his first short fiction collection Burrard Inlet.

Critics and authors praise the new thriller:

'Equally compelling and unsettling, this razor-sharp thriller reminds us that, for life to be truly lived, we must know death. In loss we confront our true nature, though we might not recognise the person we discover. In his customary electric prose, Keevil cranks up the tension. You won't be able to look away.'— Katherine Stansfield

‘Keevil writes with startling clarity. In Your Still Beating Heart, he offers his reader a tightly plotted page turner, and, in his enviably precise style, reminds us just how precarious these lives of ours are and just how much we should value them. An exciting, intriguing, moving read.’  – Rebecca F. John

Your Still Beating Heart by Tyler Keevil is published by Myriad.

Tyler Keevil is Programme Director of Masters in Creative Writing. Cardiff University is a pioneer of teaching Creative Writing in the UK, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy.

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