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Sustainable Places launches podcast

5 May 2020

Brightly coloured variety of fruits and vegetables

The Sustainable Places Research Institute has launched its first podcast, with the first episodes focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on the research being conducted by the Institute.

Hosted by Alice Taherzadeh, a research student based at Sustainable Places, the first episode examines how the Coronavirus crisis has impacted on the food system.

With Britons facing empty supermarket shelves, closed restaurants, increased demand for local veg boxes, farm labour shortages and food packages for vulnerable groups, food is clearly a key issue to consider in the current pandemic.

How do we produce enough healthy food for the population during a time of global pandemic? Where are the vulnerabilities in the current system and how could it transform to be more resilient? What impact is the crisis having on those who feed the food system? And how might emergency responses evolve into longer term changes?

The first episode considers these questions. You can listen to the podcast via our research pages.

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