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E-logistics, digital supply chains and competitive advantage – academics launch new book

3 March 2016

Cardiff Business School academics co-edit a new book looking at the logistics landscape from an e-perspective

Logistics and Operations Management faculty Dr Yingli Wang and Dr Stephen Pettit have launched their contributed book E-Logistics: managing your digital supply chains for competitive advantage.

The Kogan Page published book is the first to consider the whole logistics landscape from an e-perspective and the strategic role e-logistics has to play in today’s global environment.

Dr Wang and Dr Pettit’s intention is that the book will inform the logistics and supply chain community – students, academics and practitioners - to gain a more precise understanding of how a business can utilise ICT developments to manage supply chain and logistics related activities for competitive advantage.  The book also has a role to play in highlighting the important role e-logistics has in driving innovations in supply chain management and in supporting business operations.  The book presents a range of informative research and opinion alongside industry case studies.

E-Logistics contains contributions from international academic and industry experts.  Key themes include competitiveness and productivity in transport, logistics and supply chain management, e-logistics developments for air, rail, road and shipping freight, e-commerce and e-fulfilment. Subsequent chapters address in depth support systems for B2C and B2B E commerce, global supply network visibility and service chain automation.

E-Logistics will be of interest to those concerned with the impact that the digital revolution is having on the commercial world in general and on supply chain and logistics in particular.

Further information about the book can be found in the Kogan Page website.

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