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Ocado insights from logistics alumnus

22 February 2016

Business School alumnus, and senior manager at Ocado, Mark Wilson recently delivered a Logistics and Operations Management (LOM) section seminar at the Postgraduate Teaching Centre.

Masters students from the LOM programmes and Business School faculty gathered to hear how Ocado, the online supermarket, manages its logistics and operations including transportation of goods to customers across Britain.

Mark graduated from the Business School in 2000 with a BSc in International Transport and Logistics and has spent 13 years working for Ocado. Originally employed by GIST Limited, Mark originally worked on the warehouse management contract for Ocado and move to the company fully in 2007.

More than 80 people attended the seminar which provided a background on Ocado’s UK operations and an overview of how the model works and the logistics involved through the internal supply chain. Ocado currently operates two sites, based at Dordon and Hatfield. These sites combined fulfil around 300,000 orders every week which are shipped across the country.

Attendees heard how the Ocado model operates one of the shortest supply chains in the industry and employs a hub and spoke approach in its distribution. There is flexibility in the model for expansion and growth in geography.

Mark discussed Ocado’s customer proposition and commitment, highlighting how around 95% of deliveries were made on time and 99.5% delivered as ordered.

A key element of the seminar presentation was a focus on how the business was established and a reflection on the commitment and dedication of the staff in those early years to ensure the business survived, and thrived. 

The seminar was a lively and interactive session with Mark fielding many audience questions about Ocado’s proposition, its current geography and future expansion ambitions.

Dr Robert Mason and Dr Andrew Potter were the academic hosts for the seminar and spoke of the ambition to develop the relationship with Ocado further with particular emphasis on delivering student benefit.

Ocado is recruiting and on the lookout for graduates.

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