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Cardiff author publishes new textbook in organic chemistry

13 March 2020

Dr Mark Elliott from the School of Chemistry has published a new textbook, ‘How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry’ in collaboration with Oxford University Press.

The informal and accessible textbook is aimed primarily at undergraduate students in their first two years of study, to help them build a solid framework in organic chemistry.

It is widely perceived that organic chemistry is a difficult subject to learn, one which requires students to memorise long lists of reactions. Dr Elliott’s new textbook takes a different approach. With short chapters that are simple to follow, the text focuses on the application of underlying theories, including bonding, mechanism, stereochemistry, to a few select reaction types. This allows organic chemists to explore and develop their key skills, without having to remember lots of reactions.

The most common errors made by students are explained in self-contained chapters, highlighting stumbling points and helping readers to avoid mistakes. There are over 60 videos accompanying the book, featuring the author discussing answers and approaches to problem-solving. Plus, a Facebook page providing a connected community where chemistry students can discuss their studies.

Dr Jennifer Slaughter, University of Manchester, who reviewed a pre-release copy of the book, said: “This text represents a new way to teach organic chemistry and produce independent, critically thinking chemists.”

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