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Petex donate £1.5m worth of software licenses

13 February 2020

Move Software

Staff and students at the 3D Seismic Laboratory will be able to gain fascinating new insights into 3D geological modelling of the subsurface through new gifted software.

Petroleum Experts (Petex), a well-known petroleum engineering and structural geology company, has kindly donated 10 licenses of their latest Move structural modelling and analysis software to the 3D Seismic Laboratory to help with research and education.

The software suite, valued at £1,525,561.89, is considered the industry standard for geological modelling and structural analysis of Earth’s deep interior.

Dr Tiago Alves said, “Move has been crucial to the 3D Seismic Laboratory to complement the teaching of classical seismic interpretation techniques to postgraduates and undergraduate students. We sincerely thank Petex for this generous donation.”

Cardiff University has used the Move software to support research focusing on fault propagation and growth, slope instability processes, and sequestrating CO2 without reactivating subsurface structures. The new software will be used by students and researchers at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences to enhance subsurface interpretation in their research projects.

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