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School launches linguistic resource for Welsh actors

4 December 2015

Dr Iwan Wyn Rees, a lecturer in the School of Welsh, has launched a new resource for Welsh actors and scriptwriters.

The resource is designed to help actors and scriptwriters to become more familiar with different dialect variations and for use in their day to day activities.

The resource includes video and audio clips of Wales’ various dialects. The clips are drawn from three specific sources: from the series Noson Ar Lafar, originally broadcast in 2011; from interviews recorded by Dr Rees in Dyffryn Banw, Montgomeryshire, in January 2015; and a video which accompanies Gwenllian M. Awbery’s Tafodiaith yn y Gymraeg (1996).

In addition to clips of the regional variations across Wales there are also examples of Welsh speakers from different generations. Dr Rees produced detailed guidelines to accompany the audio and visual elements which draw attention to specific linguistic elements such as vocabulary, syntax and accents.

Dr Rees hopes that some of the clips will be appropriate for historical and contemporary drama: “I’m very proud that this resource has now been launched and I hope it becomes a useful tool for scriptwriters and actors as they give voice to our dialects.

“While working on this project I have been fortunate to receive advice and guidance from talented imitators such as Rhian Morgan, Caryl Parry Jones, Sera Cracroft and Emyr ‘Himyrs’ Roberts. These are people who use dialects in their everyday work and share my enthusiasm. That has been a particular pleasure.”

This project was made possible by a small grant from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and the resource is available online in the College’s Resource Library.

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