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Lecturer Dr Marie Davidová achieves patent for product Ray

8 July 2019

Ray: A hygroscopic solid wooden screen

Submitted for patenting in 2013 Ray was part of Marie’s PhD research into the interaction of performative solid wood.

Ray is a hygroscopic solid wooden screen that is airing in hot and dry weather whilst enclosing in high relative humidity and low temperature thanks to its biological basis. ‘Ray’ is designed for façade and roof covering namely for semi-interior spaces; the panels on the screen are cut in tangential section that react to climate by its warping.

The project was collaborated on with carpentry workshop Defio, s.r.o. and Marie is currently working with with architect Jan Trejbal from the architectural practice Neolokator on the products practice application on his recent villa development in Czechia.

Marie said: “With the patent publication, I am starting receiving offers for Ray's applications from practitioners. It is an exciting moment when my long-lasting research will finally meet practice!”

You can find out more about Ray here

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