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Prestigious scholarship for MBA graduate

17 June 2019

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A graduate of the Cardiff MBA programme is set to return to Cardiff Business School for doctoral study after securing a prestigious award from the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

Anlan Zhang, who completed his MBA with distinction in 2017-18, will be supervised by Dr Yue Tina Xu and Professor Matthew Robson on his return to Cardiff. Both supervisors are very much looking forward to welcoming Anlan back for his doctoral study.

One of only two recipients of the fully-funded Research Excellence Scholarship to study at Cardiff Business School, Anlan’s academic excellence has seen him achieve an MA in Journalism from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (2014), a BA in Journalism and a BSc in Finance from Shandong University (2012) to compliment his MBA successes.

Anlan proposed research, “The discursive (re)construction of legitimacy – A study of emerging market multinationals investing in developed countries”, will pick up where his MBA dissertation left off, drawing on his academic background in journalism and his industry experience in PR management.

“His proposed PhD research is highly topical and an under-researched area of international business.”

Dr Yue Tina Xu Senior Lecturer in International Business and Management

Anlan’s thesis positions public media as a powerful stakeholder which can significantly influences the discursive legitimacy of foreign direct investors. He intends to argue that multinationals from emerging economies are using the media to overcome liability of foreignness abroad.

“How these multinationals achieve this is currently unknown. Perhaps Anlan’s research will begin to discover why?”

Professor Matthew Robson Professor of Marketing and International Management

Anlan will join the Business Studies (PhD) programme in September 2019 conducting his research in the Marketing and Strategy Section of Cardiff Business School.

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