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Cardiff University is now offering a lipidomic analysis service

29 January 2019

Analysing data
Analysing data

Our mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography facility houses three mass spectrometers which are fully geared up towards lipidomic analysis. Techniques are available to separate, identify and quantify complex mixtures of lipids from a vast range of biological samples.


Sample processing

  • Technician support is available to extract lipids from your biological samples using optimised protocols.
  • Beadruptor technology is available allowing us to process a wide range of tissues, including bone.
  • The facility is equipped with a Tecan liquid handling robot for high sample throughput.


Triple Quad Q trap mass spectrometry

  • Sciex 4000 Q trap (ES ionisation)
  • Sciex 6500 Q trap (ES ionisation)

Analytical and technical services

We provide analytical and technical services through our experts in data acquisition and interpretation with access to a varied range of analytical equipment.

Whether it is just analysis of a single sample that is required, or more comprehensive analysis of many samples using multiple techniques, we are ideally placed to provide the answers you need.

You may be an experienced biochemist and know exactly the information you want, but if not, we could help you to identify what you need to know and how to achieve your aims.

Please note that this facility is part of Cardiff University but not within the Cardiff University Central Biotechnology Services technology facility so is not covered by the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

To discuss your requirements, please contact:

Dr Victoria Tyrrell

Dr Victoria Tyrrell

Lipidomics Facility Manager

+44 (0)29 2068 7315

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