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Developing Mathematical Models in Healthcare

27 January 2015

Over the last two years, the Healthcare Modelling OR Group has introduced a ‘Developing Mathematical Models in Healthcare’ seminar series which regularly attracts around 50 delegates to the University on a quarterly basis.

Alongside academics, the audience typically comprises clinicians, hospital managers, Public Health Wales workers and Welsh Government staff, who come together to debate how OR can be used to help alleviate pressures on the NHS. The seminars generally comprise both local talks from members of the Cardiff OR group and guest speakers from further afield.

The first few seminars were used to introduce the concept of modelling. Since most of the audience are now familiar with this, more recent talks have focussed on case studies examining the role OR can play in designing better services. The last event also included a breakout session in which delegates were asked to think about which modelling methods they thought were the most appropriate to address less well understood healthcare related issues.

The next event is to be held on from 15:45-18:00 on Thursday 5 February, and will include talks from new members of the Mathematical Modelling Unit team and Dr Christos Vasilakis who is Director of the newly established Bath Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement

If you are interested in attending this talk or future seminars, please contact Julie Vile to receive further information.

Mathematical Seminar

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