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MedTRiM Report on Event Feedback

22 October 2018

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The Wales Deanery ran seven Medical Trauma and Resilience Management (MedTRiM) training events in 2017. In our latest report we look at the feedback received from attendees and how this can be used to improve and inform the one-day training programme.

Developed by DNA Definitive and The Wales Deanery, the MedTRiM course is designed to support staff following potentially traumatic events and to provide tools to help cope with the cumulative stress of working in a high-pressure environment such as healthcare. Since it first launched in 2015 it has been delivered to over 300 healthcare practitioners at all levels (including trainees) and across specialties.

The report, by Elaine Russ, Dr Mark Stacey and Andy McCann, looks at feedback collected at three separate time points:

  • Pre-training
  • Immediately post training
  • 4 weeks after training

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with 43% of respondents reporting that they had used the training to make significant improvements in the workplace and a further 52% indicating that they felt they would use or had a specific plan for use in mind. Only 4% of respondents doubted that they would implement the training.

The report also looks at the barriers to implementing the learning when back in the working environment, with 26% of respondents citing lack of time, and a further 26%, lack of authority, as the main obstacles. During the training a series of 13 stress management skills are delivered (see The Baker's Dozen of Mental Toughness). The report also looks at which of these skills have been implemented as a result of the training with 62% of respondents saying that they have become more optimistic.

The full report can be downloaded here.