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New Publication on Preparedness for Practice

14 September 2018

Trainee Doctors

Our study aimed to explore the views of multiple stakeholders’ on what it means to be prepared for practice and their perceptions about how prepared newly graduated junior doctors are. To do this we used innovative qualitative methods, including narrative interviews and longitudinal audio diaries.

Results identified 2,186 narratives across all participants (with 506 being ‘prepared’, 663 being ‘unprepared’ and 951 being ‘general’). Whilst seven key themes were identified, this paper focus on two of these themes, that of ‘explicit conceptualisations of preparedness of practice’ and ‘newly graduated junior doctors’ preparedness for the General Medical Council’s (GMC) outcomes for graduates. Results highlight the complexities and nuances surrounding being prepared for practice. We encourage stakeholders as a result to develop a shared understanding of how prepared new medical graduates will be.

You can read the full paper at

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