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Hitler’s Circle of Evil – a historian’s perspective

14 May 2018

Expert in the life of Nazi propagandist-in-chief Joseph Goebbels, historian Dr Toby Thacker has contributed extensively to a drama-documentary series examining the interpersonal relationships and power dynamics of key members of the Nazi party.

Starting in 1919 with the foundation of the Nazi Party until Germany's bitter defeat in 1945, Hitler's Circle of Evil is a character study of the key players around Hitler who dominated the Nazi party and enabled Hitler’s plans, from Goebbels and Göring to Himmler and Hess.

Author of the full-length biography Joseph Goebbels: Life and Death (Palgrave Macmillan), Dr Thacker is among the expert panel featured throughout the series giving talking-head analysis alongside dramatic reconstructions of key moments through the rise and fall of the Nazi party.

Dr Thacker contributes from the second programme Regrouping as Goebbels' career took off after 1924.

Dr Toby Thacker is Senior Lecturer in Modern History. He is also author of British culture and the First World War: experience, representation, and memory and The end of the Third Reich: defeat, denazification and Nuremburg January 1944 - November 1946.

Catch Hitler’s Circle of Evil online. Dr Thacker appears from the second programme (from 20 minutes).

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